11-12 May

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Most procurement teams are grappling with the challenges of ‘going digital’.

The strategic drivers for this are many, from the desire to streamline processes and drive efficiencies, to better serve end users, to capture better data, to drive greater compliance, to free up procurement time to work more strategically or simply to buy better.

By attending ProcureTECH you will not only have the chance to explore what new technologies and innovations are now available, and what they can do for you, but also accelerate your understanding of the key issues involved in:

  • Identifying the true business problems you are looking to solve through technology

  • Scoping your technology needs more tightly

  • Building a stronger business case for technology adoption

  • Viewing new technology solutions in the technology showcase

  • Selecting appropriate technologies

  • Implementing new technology and IT strategies

  • Integrating with existing legacy systems

  • Network, share and connect with others in similar positions

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