Tealbook webinar: Prepare for the next Supply Chain crisis 8 September

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How can we prepare for the next (unexpected) Supply Chain crisis?

Tealbook’s agility webinar reveals how!


Tealbook partners up with industry through leaders to examine the the top ten supply chain disruptions over the last decade and the impact they’ve had on global supply chains, as well as lessons learned to help businesses protect themselves against future crises. 

Over the past ten years, the global supply chain has been disrupted by a myriad of crises and disasters, all of which have irrevocably impacted the way the world conducts business, including:

● Climate change
● Geopolitical conflicts
● Man-made errors

While the world is now slowly moving beyond the most recent crisis—the COVID-19 pandemic—procurement leaders in every industry need to be prepared for future crises. To do this, it is imperative organizations have access to accurate, transparent and trustworthy data that will enable them to stay agile. 


Check out the webinar here.

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