ProcessUnity - The Rise of ESG in Third-Party Risk Management 15 July

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ProcessUnity explains how environmental, social and governance (ESG) is playing a key role in third-party risk management.

ProcessUnity teams up with Ecovadis and HCL for an expert panel discussion on best practices for integrating ESG into TPRM and procurement processes.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and its role in third-party risk management have gained prominence this past year as the awareness for environmental and social issues continue to grow.

Not only are regulators creating more frameworks and standards around ESG but customer expectations for transparency and ethical partnerships are mounting.

This movement has shed a light on how organizations approach ESG-related domains – including climate change, carbon, modern slavery, trafficking, diversity and inclusion, and anti-bribery & corruption – and examines how prepared they are to manage operational risk in their third-party ecosystem.

What will I learn at the event?
  • Why ESG is becoming more prominent in third-party risk programs.
  • How to identify relevant ESG risks to your organization
  • How to evaluate potential and existing third parties to ensure they are aligned with your ESG priorities
  • How expert ESG ratings can streamline vendor onboarding and ongoing monitoring processes
  • Bryan Burnhart, Senior Director, Strategic Accounts and Alliances, ProcessUnity
  • Manmohan Singh, General Manager, Governance Compliance & Risk, HCL
  • Hannah Galvin, Account Executive, EcoVadis


Check out the event here.

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