Consero - Procurement and Strategic Forum
1-3 May

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The acceleration of technological and process advancements have magnified the impact of procurement and strategic sourcing leaders.

An increasingly efficient global marketplace offers procurement and strategic sourcing executives with a growing series of opportunities to boost corporate value.

Some of the topics
  • Becoming a Valuable Partner: Proven Ways to Better Engage with Stakeholders
  • The Quest for Talent in Procurement
  • Working with GPO’s in Today’s Climate and Market Conditions
  • Tackling the ‘Invisible’ Spend: Tail Spend Management Strategies that Work
  • Prioritizing Inclusivity by Building A More Diverse Supplier Base
  • We’re All in it Together: The Shared Burden of Procurement
  • Services Sourcing in a Constrained Economy – How to Deliver Value in a Talent Shortage
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Discussing Sustainable Procurement & Sourcing Processes and its Benefits
  • Adopting New Technology: Advice for Seamless Implementation
  • Practical Advice for Streamlining the Contract Management Process
  • Beyond Cost-Cutting: Positioning Procurement as a Revenue-Generating Department
  • Risk Management Strategies for a More Resilient Supply Chain
  • “You’re on mute!”: How to Best Support and Manage Your Remote Team

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