Procurement Leaders & Workday webinar - Achieving Full Visibility: How VSP automates Source-to-Pay 29 June

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Members from Procurement Leaders and Workday explore how VSP automates their sourcing and procurement processes, with tips on how you can do the same for your team

Join David Cain, executive advisor at Procurement Leaders; Greg Tennyson, Vision Care Chief Procurement Officer at VSP; and Ahmad Jiwani, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Workday where they cover some interesting topics .

Suitable if you’re interested in how to …
  • Enable real-time collaboration and visibility into project intake and spend pipeline
  • Shorten procurement cycles by proactively engaging with the business
  • Simplify supplier and contract management to drive maximum impact and compliance

Join this session to learn how to elevate the office of procurement and position your team as a strategic partner to the enterprise!

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