ProcureTech presents PIONEERS 10th November 4pm GMT​

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If you are a procurement or digital leader looking to drive innovation and create future-proof, agile digital procurement ecosystems, then ProcureTech PIONEERS is a must-attend event.

Shining a spotlight on the 100 pioneering digital solutions that are transforming the procurement function to create short term benefits and long-term value in the supply chain.

For procurement to succeed, we need an ecosystem approach, built on a solid data foundation, with plug-and-play apps, smooth UX, amplified by intelligence, all fuelling purposeful action.

Elouise Epstein, Partner at Kearney and Lance Younger, CEO at ProcureTech share the how and the who to build the future with:

  • How to create your future proof digital platform – intelligent, extensible and value-driven.
  • Who are the ProcureTech100?
  • Who are the 100 pioneering digital procurement solutions supercharging procurement and the enterprise?

We are joined by…

– Patrick Foelck, Head of Strategy & Transformation Procurement and Head of Professional Services Procurement at Roche
– Adam Brown, Digital Procurement Garage & Transformation at BT Sourced, and others to explore how to accelerate your digital procurement evolution.

We all look forward to discussing these topics with you on the 10th of November at 16:00 BST!

Remember to use the ‘add to calendar’ function to make sure you don’t miss it!

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