Vizibl - Procurement-led procurement: the path to net-zero impact
16 February

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Vizibl continues its ‘The Decade of our Lives’ series by teaming up with Heineken.

This online webinar provides you with insights into the world’s largest FMCG company’s journey to net zero emissions.

Value chain emissions make up the vast majority of most organisations’ greenhouse gas impact.

As pressure mounts on organisations to deliver on ambitious sustainability commitments it is clear they must engage with stakeholders in their supply chain to deliver concrete progress.

Yet despite this urgent need, very few large businesses are strategically collaborating with their suppliers on Scope 3 due to its complexity and the corresponding lack of knowledge on the issue. 

Learn actionable steps that procurement can take today.

Join Vizibl and Arjen van der Woude, Heineken‘s Director Strategic Sourcing Supply Chain, where they discuss all things sustainability, procurement and supply chains.

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