PwC Procurement must shift gears to meet C-Level's rising expectations 6 July

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C-Level executives’ expectations are rising and Procurement needs to shift its gears to meet them.

New research from PwC‘s Digital Procurement survey reveals the need for change.

Its latest research shows how what should be on top of any Procurement leader’s agenda.

What critical steps do Procurement professionals need to take to re-align with C-Level’s expectations? 

Did you know:

  • 50% of the Dutch CEOs indicate that they will invest more in ESG initiatives in the coming years
    84% of Dutch CEOs have concerns about supply chain disruptions
    31% plan to increase focus on collaborating with supply chain partners to collectively manage risks

Are your Procurement department’s priorities aligned with those of the C-Level?

Do you have the right tools, processes and skills available to succeed in the new post-Covid economy?


Check out the online event here.

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