abacus - Procurement Digitization: Reduce costs and improve Supply Chain efficiency
18 May

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In today’s world of complex and unpredictable supply chains, procurement must simultaneously balance cost reduction, quality, and assurance of supply in their quest to maximize profits.

Many organizations struggle to achieve these objectives due to complex manual processes, a lack of collaboration with suppliers, and little to no visibility of costs and risks.

This 1-hour webinar helps you learn more about how procurement digitization enables automation and innovation within the supply chain to drive efficiency and realize sustainable savings.

Key takeaways
• Impact of procurement digitization in improving efficiency and reducing costs
• Role of procurement digitization in supply chain management – how it helps to enhance visibility and reduce risks
• Sustainable procurement and its impact on supply chains
• Effect of evolving technologies on procurement processes – supplier selection, demand planning, supplier and risk management, contract management etc.
• Planning an effective procurement digital transformation and selecting right procurement technology

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