Beroe Inc - Rethinking Digital Procurement
27 July

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Trade wars, pandemic, and supply chain disruption have pushed Procurement to the forefront.

But is the function fully equipped to handle today’s as well as tomorrow’s challenges with the help of current technology solutions?

Are you happy/unhappy with the current Procurement technology?
Are you unsure about how the future tech landscape will look like?
Are you curious to learn as to how the Procurement function would undergo a sea change due to the advent of technology?

Dr. Elouise Epstein – digital futurist and Kearney partner – will discuss the current state of procurement technology, and also why it is necessary for a complete rethink on how digital solutions are designed and implemented.

Her latest book, “Trade wars, pandemics, and chaos” is a blueprint for approaching the complexity of procurement and making smart technology investment. During the session, Dr. Epstein will discuss some of the fascinating ideas elucidated in the book.

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