RapidRatings - Risk in the new age; the next wave of Supply Chain disruption (and what to do about it)
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Supply chains have never been more top-of-mind.

But while the effects of port congestion, low inventories, inflation, and labor shortages can be seen and felt daily, there is a hidden, harder-to-identify second wave of supply chain disruption ahead.

Companies across industries – from autos to leisure to retail and beyond – have borrowed more and bridged themselves through an incredibly hard operating environment.

In the meantime, many subsegments within industries have become increasingly risky – but for the temporary boost of capital.

How do we know where these risks exist? What do Financial Health Ratings and Core Health Scores tell us about which industries are safer and which are riskier, and what should we expect from large public enterprises, along with the private company suppliers on which they depend?

In this powerful keynote, James H. Gellert, Chairman and CEO of RapidRatings, discusses these themes and more—as he explores the risks that we can see now, those that are looming in the not-too-distant future, and how businesses of all sizes can protect their revenue, grow their partnerships, and contribute to more resilient supply chain.

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