SCMPro Forums - Cyber Supply Chain Resilience Dialogue 7 September

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SCMPro Forums and ISCM bring leaders from the information security, procurement and supply chains in a unique dialogue, to discuss how to align digitalization and business priorities in a safe and secure environment.

The Dialogue will explore the multiple dimensions of Cyber Resilience – how heads of supply chain and technology need to collaborate to create a safe and secure supply chain.

What topics will be covered?

The deliberations will be led by heads of information security and supply chains from leading companies. This will help you gain multiple perspectives and be able to identify the solution to your complex challenges.
-Into the Spotlight: Are our Supply Chains Cyber Resilient?
-Chain of Vulnerabilities – Managing supply chain integrity
-Critical resilience: building safe digital infrastructure
-Setting Priorities – Linking cybersecurity to business strategy

Fireside Chat

An informal, yet structured conversation between a moderator and a speaker on:
-Cyber-Resilience: A Strategic Approach for Supply Chain Management
-Keeping Supply Chains safe – How do you prepare for the worst?
-Are our Supply Chain secure? What needs to be done?
-Developing Threat Intelligence – Moving to proactive response management
-How to establish cybersecurity governance


Check out the event here.

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