SupplHi webinar - Setting the standard in Supplier Management through industry collaboration

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DPW 2021 hosted a variety a successful talks and sessions with technology vendors.

SupplHi provides Vendor Management SaaS for industrial B2B equipment and services. 


During the session, Giacomo Franchini, Director of SupplHi jointly presented a journey on innovation with Pilar Molina, Group Supply Chain Digitalization & Group Vendor Management Head of Department from the Maire Tecnimont Group.


What did they discuss?
  • The 10 common pain points in Supplier Management apply in the form of Efficiency losses and Compliance risks 
  • Business Case model with 40%+ savings from SupplHi, delivered faster than initially thought 
  • Servitization model based on microservices, beyond any traditional Supplier Management practice 
  • Innovation is not additive but subtractive, eliminating redundancy and complexity 
  • Platform + Standardization + Servitization + Network = SupplHi 
  • Industry knowledge is fundamental and sophisticated Customers are the best co-designers 
  • Processes need to be always all based on Compliance-by-design 
  • SupplHi as digital backbone for the industry through its Open Innovation


Check out the webinar recording here.

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