ProcureTechSTARS with Sai Nidamarty, Co-founder and CEO of Trust Your Supplier

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“What type of ROI will we get from Supplier Relationship Management?”

Procurement teams are frequently asked questions like these when trying to obtain additional budget for the development of processes & technology.

According to the 2022 CPO Compass Survey by Procurement Leaders, supplier risk management and supplier performance management were the top two areas for planned procurement technology investment (Procurement Leaders 2022).

Procurement leaders acknowledge the necessity and aspire to invest in supplier relationship management solutions, but how can they secure the CAPEX budget required during times of financial instability on a macro level?

It is time to be assertive and advocate for why your procurement team deserves a fair share of the technology budget. The question is, do you possess sufficient evidence to demonstrate the positive ROI of digital procurement solutions?

What can you expect from this Webinar?
  • Introduction from Sam Jenks – Chief Growth Officer, Kodiak Hub
  • Building the Case for SRM 
  • 5 Customer Case Studies
  • Live Demo of Kodiak Hub’s SRM solution

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