Ironclad - State of Digital Contracting Summer 2022

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There is no one-size-fits-all for Contract Management, but that doesn’t mean you have to figure it out on your own.

This event will inspire you, featuring some of the most innovative contracting experts in the Ironclad community.

  • Ensure compliance and controls without sacrificing velocity with Asana’s Senior Legal Ops Analyst, Daniel Tarle
  • Always be ready to adapt in a fast-moving environment by getting all your contracts in one powerful repository with Demostack’s VP Finance, David Wieseneck
  • Help your sales team sell by making contracting as easy as possible and integrating into their existing workflows with Qualia’s Contract Manager, Octivia Marcel
  • Standardize vendor agreements on third party paper at scale with Thumbtack’s AGC, Ben Lazar
  • Spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time on high-impact projects with Bitmovin’s GC, Ken Carter

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