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Supply Chain Risk
13 December

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We have all heard the saying that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

While it creates a conceptually convenient and easy-to-understand image, the fact is that we are no longer dealing with supply “chains” but supply “networks.”

These networks introduce a new and ever-expanding interwoven complexity into the procurement and delivery process. As a result, unanticipated external events can quickly obfuscate a clear line-of-sight understanding of the risk to regional and global supply networks.

This webinar featuring an international panel of data industry experts will enlighten and empower the audience to see their data in a new light and learn how to leverage technology to create a proactive versus reactive “agility response capability.”

Key takeaways
  • Identify regional complexity data points
  • Understand global impact data points
  • Create a clear line of sight to enable
     proactive risk management and mitigation

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