Procurement Leaders - The importance of data quality in procurement management transformation 13 September

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The importance of data quality in procurement digital transformation: Are you really paying attention to this issue?

Every CPO is happy with their digital tool until they are not: Your digital tools are only as good as the data you feed in to them.


Choosing the right digital strategy, software and solution for your procurement department is a strategic process and requires investment in money, time, and man-power. But what if the success of a project does not solely depend on the tools you use, but rather on the data it handles?

Procurement Leaders invites a panel of experts to discuss how leaders are ensuring business success through efficient digital transformation and best-practices in improving and leveraging your data quality.


Who are the speakers?
  • Caroline Dillon – Senior Conference Producer, Procurement Leaders
  • Francesco Buresti – Director of Networks and Heating BU, A2A
  • Adriano Garibotto – Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Creactives S.p.A.
  • Alex Johnston – Principal Analyst, Procurement Leaders
What’s in the webinar?
  • Why data quality should be the driver in deciding on your procurement digital transformation
  • Best practices in successfully implemented this strategy and being able to trust your data
  • Latest tools and solutions to ensure optimum data quality


Check out the event here.

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