Today's instant payment revolution: transformation strategies for banks
1 June

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To navigate the future of payments in an instant and digital world, financial institutions must embrace new partnerships and fully adopt exponential technologies such as automation, hybrid cloud, and AI.

The instant payment revolution means that banks must keep pace and reach customers in new ways. ​

Join this IBM LinkedIn Live to gain valuable insights from experts leading the way in payments innovation, impacting the future of payments worldwide and driving industry leadership. Join expert guests Anders Olofsson (Tietoevry), Martin Warming Hviid (Nordea) and Pål Krogdahl (IBM) to explore the forward-thinking strategies, collaborative ecosystems, and customer-centric approaches that are shaping the future of payments. ​​

This session will provide a unique opportunity to learn from success stories, uncover the transformative potential of payment technology and explore new trends and strategies in the broader global landscape. ​

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