VentureBeat Transform 2021: Enterprise Transformation with AI & Data
12 - 16 July

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VentureBeat is the AI event for executives looking to maintain their competitive edge in an AI and data driven world.

The 5 day summit is a great opportunity for network and result-oriented content.

Transform 2021 is about driving real results and providing the information you need to implement AI tech strategically.

What’s going on at the event?

Day 1 – AI/ML Automation Technology Summit

Day 2 – Data, Analytics, & Intelligent Automation Summit [Presented by Accenture]

Day 3 – Conversational AI & Intelligent AI Assistants Summit [Presented by Five9]

Day 4 – AI at the Edge & IoT Summit

Day 5 – The Big Picture in the world of AI & Data


Check out the event here.

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