ESG and Financial Services: Why ESG is important for FinTech
31 January

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Today, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and related considerations have become the top priorities for every financial service provider’s risk register, and this responsible approach pays back significant perks to companies.

Join Trakti as they discuss the importance of ESG strategies as a response to the climate crisis with a focus on Green Finance.

Agenda and topics
  • ESG allows stakeholders and investors to direct their capital to investments that are aligned with sustainable activities, to avoid investments that might not be paid off due to environmental issues.
  • ESG enhances investment returns by better allocating capital for the long term.
  • Businesses that perform strongly across the ESG factors become more resilient to emerging issues.
  • What do we mean with Green Finance?
  • What does it mean to implement measuring, reporting, and verification?
  • How to improve the effectiveness of green and sustainable finance through our end-to-end processes?
  • How to embed ESG Strategy & Climate clauses in your contracts?
  • Gerrit Sinderman, Director at Every Action Counts for The Green Digital Finance Alliance (GDFA)
  • Luigi Telesca, CEO and Co-Founder at Trakti

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