How to Write a Great Review

How to write a great review

  • Fill out all areas of the review template comprehensively
  • Use effective concise language
  • Be specific on what is good and bad about the user experience. It is best to mention specific parts of the software that you liked e.g., ‘X’ feature worked great and allowed me to dramatically improve my workflow
  • Try to make your review as up to date as possible with the latest version of the software you are reviewing
  • Use the same approach for all companies you review to avoid any bias
  • Ensure your review reads well with no language or grammatical errors
  • Please avoid:
  • Including pricing details in the review as these may vary per customer
  • Writing a paragraph when a sentence will do
  • Including personal details or sensitive information in the review
  • Mentioning competitors’ solutions or making comparisons
  • Reviews must not be purposefully dishonest with the intention to damage the reputation of the software
  • Violating any legal agreements between the you, as the user, and the vendor