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The Future of Decision Intelligence in Procurement

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Understanding the evolution and impact of data-driven decision intelligence in procurement.

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Procurement data and decision intelligence is increasingly seen as essential for organisations that want to optimise their procurement process, increase value and improve their overall business performance.

“There are finally robust tools and capabilities to train the next leaders in sourcing to help them do an even better job. They’re already great, but they just need the right tools to do even better.” – Keith Hartley, CEO at LevaData

Access the recording for our webinar featuring an expert panel, where they discussed the key findings from ProcureTech’s research into the future of decision intelligence in procurement, where they discussed some of the following topics:

  • How does data influence your decision-making?
  • How important is data in your procurement process capabilities?
  • How decision intelligence is being used to increase the effectiveness of supplier selection
  • The role of contract management solutions in smart decision-making
  • The use of procurement decision intelligence and digitalisation to improve sustainability and the speed of decision-making processes
  • The skills required to enhance procurement decision intelligence
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