More innovators transforming the sustainable procurement space

More innovators transforming the sustainable procurement space

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Integrity. Cutting carbon emissions. Doing good for the planet. 

We look at why companies are bringing forth innovation to build out their sustainable procurement capabilities. 

This year, we’ve identified more than 240 solutions in our growing SUSTAINABLE PROCURETECH ECOSYSTEM MAP, as part of the ongoing collaboration with The Sustainable Procurement Pledge and ProcureTech.

Sustainability is at the top of the agenda for most companies. This is reflected in the rapid growth of the sustainable procurement market, which is predicted to maintain a 9.7% CAGR between 2021 and 2028. 

In our expanding ecosystem, we highlight sustainable procurement solutions across 7 categories: 

  • Supply Chain Transparency 
  • Supply Chain Risk 
  • GHG Compensation & Offsetting 
  • GHG Emissions & Environment 
  • Supply Chain Transparency 
  • ESG Reporting & BI 
  • Corporate Sustainability Management 

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About Sustainable Procurement Pledge 

The Sustainable Procurement Pledge was born out of passion and is driven by a shared sense of responsibility. As procurement professionals, academics, and students, we all contribute to – and have a critical role in – ensuring responsible supply chains. We care deeply about the future of our planet and its people. We believe in the necessity of leapfrogging the current efforts, and in the power of the crowd to foster change. Because of the impact that procurement decisions have on our planet’s future sustainability, we pledge and commit ourselves to making sustainability the central mindset of our daily decision-making. 

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About ProcureTech 

ProcureTech is on a mission to accelerate and amplify the digital future of procurement, to solve the most pressing social, environmental, and economic challenges. ProcureTech is a dynamic platform for procurement and technology leaders, entrepreneurs and the digital procurement ecosystem. It is home to the ProcureTech100 – the 100 digital pioneering digital procurement solutions – and ProcureTechSOURCE – smarter, faster digital procurement solution matching and management. 

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