ProcureTech and Kearney announce the ProcureTech100

ProcureTech and Kearney announce the ProcureTech100 - the 100 global, pioneering digital procurement solutions that are transforming procurement and the enterprise.​

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LONDON, United Kingdom, October 13, 2021

The 2021 ProcureTech100 is a collaboration between ProcureTech and Kearney, the global management consultancy.

Over 4,000 digital solutions were analysed across 50 key data points including growth, cyber security, customer, financial, innovation and employee data to create a short-list of solutions, which was then reviewed by over 60 global procurement leaders, technology experts and B2B investors, across 14 categories. 


The 2021 panellists shared hundreds of years of operational experience and insight into the successful adoption of digital procurement solutions. The ProcureTech100 was announced on the 12th October at the Procurement Leaders World Procurement Congress in London attended by 1,000s of procurement leaders.


“Procurement’s enterprise-wide role in creating value now goes beyond source to pay
and into risk management, sustainability, supply chain and B2B marketplaces.
The ProcureTech100 spotlights the most dynamic, future focused digital solutions
in the procurement ecosystem that are delivering this value.”
Lance Younger, CEO at ProcureTech.


The ProcureTech100 are the 100 pioneering digital procurement solutions. Pioneers that are inspiring and driving digital transformation.  Pioneers that are customer centric, innovative, high growth and making a social impact. Pioneers that are supercharging procurement, the enterprise and the digital procurement ecosystem.

The significant innovation, growth, investment and shift across digital procurement is exemplified by the ProcureTech100 in four different areas:


“Specialist sustainability and responsible supply chain platforms are going to be crucial
to the toolbox of procurement, especially in collaboration with solutions that understand
the importance of providing the ultimate ecosystem of partners for responsible supply chains.”
Oliver Hurrey Founder, Galvanised & Chair, Sustainable Procurement Pledge


Sustainable procurement solutions deploying new blockchain and social technologies, alternative business models and marketplaces are all pioneers, for example, Cervest, Circulor, Cirplus, Ecovadis, Givewith, IntegrityNext, Manufacture2030, PlanA, Sourceful and

Next, procurement’s core role within B2B Marketplaces is often underplayed, and many category solutions are the marketplaces of the future. From category solutions like Agora, Brightflag, Vendr and Zylo to market place infrastructure from Mirakl to the high growth market places of Caddi, Infra.Market, Knowde, Xometry and Zetwerk. ‘Horizontal’ is the new ‘vertical’.

Thirdly, B2C is transferring to B2B especially within Finance, where exceptional user experience, accelerated customer and supplier engagement combined with breath-taking investment levels are fuelling exceptional growth, for example, Moss, PayEm and Ramp.

Finally, procurement, the new platform generation is coming.


“Digitisation is now a cornerstone of procurement but to create a business impact we need an
ecosystem approach, built on a solid data foundation, with plug-and-play apps, smooth UX,
amplified by intelligence, all fuelling purposeful action. The ProcureTech100 identifies and
champions the exceptional solutions that are leading the way and creating new digital platforms.”
Elouise Epstein, Partner at Kearney.


The business environment and digital procurement ecosystems are evolving rapidly, and the ProcureTech100 driving this evolution. We’ll explore how to successfully build your digital procurement stack with the ProcureTech100 solutions at our PIONEERS2021 event on the 10th November, 2021.

Register here to join us.  

About ProcureTech

ProcureTech is on a mission to accelerate and amplify the digital future of procurement to solve the most pressing social, environmental, and economic challenges.  ProcureTech is a dynamic platform for procurement and technology leaders, entrepreneurs and the digital procurement ecosystem. It is home to the ProcureTech100 – the 100 digital pioneering digital procurement solutions, and ProcureTechSOURCE – smarter, faster digital procurement solution matching and management. To learn more about ProcureTech, please visit

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Kearney is a leading global management consulting firm with deep-rooted expertise in strategic transformation. We work with more than three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500, as well as with government bodies and non-profit organizations. As a global consulting partnership in more than 40 countries, our people make us who we are. We’re individuals who take as much joy from those we work with as the work itself. Driven to be the difference between a big idea and making it happen, we help our clients break through. To learn more about Kearney, please visit

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