Who has made the 2021 ProcureTech100?

Join us at the Procurement Leaders World Procurement Congress on 12th October as we unveil the ProcureTech100​

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The time is almost here – who has made the ProcureTech100?

You’ve been waiting and so have we! Join us at the Procurement Leaders World Procurement Congress event, where we will reveal who has made the ProcureTech100, the definitive, global 100 pioneering digital procurement solutions.


At a time when innovative digital procurement solutions are driving real change and business impact, ProcureTech will redefine the true pioneers of the Procurement Technology with the ProcureTech100 – the only platform to use a combination of rigorous analytics, customer reviews and industry exports to identify the most forward thinking and customer focused technology, data and analytics procurement solutions on the planet.

How does the ProcureTech100 work?

 1.  Research ProcureTech Ecosystem

We have already researched the digital procurement ecosystem and identified over 4,000 solutions to be considered for the ProcureTech100.  This ecosystem is dynamic and we will continue to update ProcureTech as it changes.

2.  Create ProcureTech100 Shortlist

From the ProcureTech database we will then apply statistical analysis of over 40 key data points including growth, security, customer, financial and employee data and customer reviews to create the shortlist.

3.  Identify the ProcureTech100

Panellists will review and rank the shortlist; these will be integrated with the shortlisting data points to create the ProcureTech100.

4. Announce ProcureTech100

Share the ProcureTech100 with companies and media ProcureTech100 announced at Procurement Leaders World Procurement Congress, 12th October.


So sign up to the event below and see the pioneers that are shaping the future of procurement 🔮

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