Everything Marketplaces - Building & Scaling bttn as a Healthcare Marketplace

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JT Garwood, CEO and co-founder of bttn, discusses how the B2B marketplace has scaled.

He shares how bttn continues to innovate as well as the challenges the medical industry faces.

bttn is a B2B marketplace for medical supplies that’s reinventing healthcare distribution. They’re an earlier stage, but fast growing marketplace and recently announced their $20M+ Series A round that was led by Tiger Global.

What to expect
  • JT’s background
  • JT’s previous startup learnings & insights that he’s taken with him to bttn
  • ‍The first steps for starting bttn as a marketplace
  • ‍The scale that bttn operates at
  • An overview of bttn as a B2B marketplace for medical supplies
  • Challenges with building a marketplace & innovating in the healthcare space
  • Ways that bttn is creating additional value as a marketplace
  • How bttn found ways to innovate as a marketplace
  • The bttn team & marketplace org structure
  • The fundraising journey & raising a $20M Series A from Tiger Global
  • Group Q&A on how bttn can overcome a potential supply constraint & compete with larger existing distributors
  • Group Q&A on how bttn thinks about marketplace pricing
  • Group Q&A on bttn’s initial GTM strategy & how they built marketplace SKU’s

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