Xeneta: Digitalisation & Future of Container Shipping

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What digitalization means from a shipper and BCO perspective.

The conversation reflected on ways in which digital solutions can be an enabler of sustainability in the supply chain industry. 

A conversation between Peter Sand, Chief Analyst at Xeneta and Kris Kosmala, Partner at Click and Connect.

  • Kris also talked about the future of digital advancements introduced during Covid.
  • Will these new solutions stay around or face a similar destiny as Tradelens?
  • Causality – Is this the holy grail for digitalization in container shipping?
  • The crash and burn of Tradelens Sustainability in container shipping can be achieved by reducing waste, primarily by reducing the waste of ‘time.’
  • How can digitalization help in reducing carbon emissions?
  • What is the future of reshoring/nearshoring?
  • Does it support a sustainable mindset in the supply chain?

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