Fintech one-on-one with the CEO and founder of Airbase, Thejo Kote - Expense Management for accounting departments

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The CEO and founder of Airbase talks expense management and why the many pain points for employees and accounting departments need to be solved once and for all.

The expense management space is heating up. While it has not garnered the same headlines as other fintech categories, there has been a lot more attention focused on it in the last couple of years. 


Thejo Kote, the CEO and founder of Airbase, a spend management platform, features on the fintech one-on-one podcast.

Airbase has a a differentiated offering bringing together bill payments, corporate cards and reimbursements within a single system that integrates deeply with the major accounting systems. And they focus solely on middle market companies.


Topics covered in the episode
  • What attracted Thejo to the expense management space.
  • Why businesses are usually 6-7 weeks behind in expense management.
  • The three different products Airbase is offering today.
  • Why they target mid-market companies (50-1,000 employees).
  • Their approach to product development.
  • How they integrate with the major accounting systems.
  • How Airbase is different from the others in the space.
  • How their latest funding round came together so quickly
  • Details of their business model and how they make money.
  • The growth and scale they are at today.
  • Thejo’s vision for the business.


Listen to the podcast here.

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