scoutbee - From Reactive to Proactive: Changing the Role of Procurement

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Procurement managers face challenges daily. 

The pace, pressure and importance of procurement, with a focus on strategic sourcing is increasing.

Chris Kaiser, Sales Team Lead at scoutbee, discusses why procurement should increase its focus on value creation to enable strategic choices.

Some of the topics covered
  • Increased resilience
  • Corporate sustainability
  • Change investor and consumer demand
  • Need for innovation
  • New regulations
  • Faster time to market
  • Global pandemic or natural disaster
  • Increased (competitive) pressure
  • More diversity
  • New technologies or alternative materials
  • Gather the right data sets and make it clean
  • Enrich the data so you can analyse and act on it -> strategic sourcing
  • Then identify suppliers, projects, processes etc
  • Global supplier visibility
  • Speed and transparency
  • Savings and sustainability

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