From startup to success: ORO Labs

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‘You’re not as important as you thought you were.’

A conversation with ORO Labs’ Co-founder, Sudhir Bhojwani.

Sudhir opens up about his journey as a software engineer and his first startup which opened the door to three more. He reflects on projects that failed and also shares successes, such as his company Vayulogic.

The conversation shifts to the difference between working at a large “finance” focused company to being at a smaller “mission” focused company. They also discuss what Sudhir says is an emerging category of “reverse platform” or “procurement orchestration layer” in the space, which aims to improve user experience and provide companies with agility and control. He explains that there are several competitors in this space, each with slightly different approaches.

Diversity is another crucial aspect discussed in this episode. Sudhir stresses the significance of investing in diversity and actively seeking out diverse ideas. He states that diversity extends beyond gender, incorporating religion and other aspects. The company is actively seeking to add executive members and individuals with diverse ideas to its team, with a goal of showcasing increased diversity within the company within six months.

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