Improving the Procurement Process with AI and Diversity

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Pam is a firm believer in understanding the customer’s problem before selling a solution.

As such, she emphasizes the importance of communicating with prospects; she believes marketing should spearhead this communication.

It’s imperative that you use everything in the marketing channel to lay down how your solution can solve that business problem.

Plunging into transformation and investing in a B2B solution can be risky for a prospect. Pam Kline Smith, CMO of Globality, thinks that the best way to tackle this hesitation is by educating the customer. It’s essential to show the effect of not moving, alongside the benefits of subscribing, to get customers moving.

From a personal development standpoint, Pam shares that the best kind of work is doing something you love. Something that helps you get to what you love is also good when at the crossroads of a career decision. Pam thinks agility is vital, especially considering that today’s generation can have at least seven different careers in their working life.

Marketing leaders looking for inspiration, especially in tech, will find Pam’s advice insightful. Women business leaders will find Pam’s rise in tech an inspiration. 

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