Mapping Supply Chains for ESG Success

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Companies that wish to differentiate themselves in the marketplace can use supply chain transparency to their ESG advantage.

With an accurate and precise map of all their suppliers, businesses are better prepared to meet increasing compliance demands and consumer preferences and to rise above the reputational risk that can hamper companies with unknowingly problematic suppliers.

David Colvin, Co-Chair of Fox Rothschild’s Environmental, Social & Governance Practice Group, is joined by Leo Bonanni, Ph.D. in this latest episode. Dr. Bonanni is the founder and CEO of 2021 ProcureTech100 pioneer Sourcemap, a software program that maps and monitors a company’s supply chain to help guard against a host of potential ESG issues: deforestation, forced labor, counter-terrorism and more.

Together, David and Dr. Bonanni explain the history and importance of supply chain transparency and how thinking of suppliers as part of your social network can lead to better understanding.

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