Beeline CPO Open Mic - Overseeing the workforce process

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Overseeing the workforce process goes beyond sourcing, contracts and supplier management.

Beeline looks at how Procurement teams can increase their strategic importance.

“When you’re overseeing the entire extended workforce process, it’s a lot more than sourcing, contract negotiation, and supplier management. You are a significant contributor to your company’s success.”

In this episode of CPO Open Mic, Mike Schiappa, Beeline’s Chief Procurement Officer, talks with Dan Khublall and Ryan Kretchmer, leaders of major product strategy initiatives at Beeline. In the podcast, Khublall and Kretchmer discuss their transition from Global 2000 (Thomson Reuters) and FORTUNE 500 (MetLife) companies to Beeline, where they now develop advanced technology to support contingent workforce programs like those they formerly led. Kretchmer and Khublall describe how Procurement’s role in talent acquisition is changing. They detail the reasons some companies are falling behind and what Procurement teams can do to increase their strategic importance within their organizations.

  • Why cost targets are important, but not all-important
  • How to accelerate talent acquisition by getting talent to search for you
  • Why too many Statement of Work projects fail despite good sourcing and contracting practices

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