Zylo SaaS Me podcast - Powering IT SaaS Governance with partnership, flexibility and data

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Redis VP of IT Chris Asing lives by this mantra in his approach to SaaS governance.

But it’s not all just policies and procedures.

In this episode, Chris gives an inside look at his progressive approach and the power partnership, flexibility, and data have in SaaS transformation.

Key highlights
  • How Chris got into IT, and background on Redis
  • Thoughts on offices opening up post-pandemic
  • What a “cloud forward” mentality looks like at Redis, and metrics it causes them to track
  • What does Chris need to lead IT at Redis?
  • IT structure at Redis, and where it sits in the organizational hierarchy
  • Governance and centralization efforts at Redis
  • Feedback from businesses is a two-way street
  • Balancing threats to risk and security as a core focus of IT
  • The rise in SaaS and its implications on the number of tools we use
  • Enterprise architecture as core to a company’s DNA

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