Zylo - Procurement, the heart of SaaS Management at Hootsuite

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Zylo’s SaaS Me podcast welcomes Aaqil Kassamali, Senior Manager of Procurement at Hootsuite.

From creating broader visibility to turnkey internal processes, Procurement has become the heart of Hootsuite’s SaaS management program.

In this episode, discover the lessons procurement manager Aaqil Kassamali and his team have learned and his advice for positioning Procurement as a valuable business partner.

It’s often that employees think of Procurement as a gatekeeper. 

Certainly, policies and processes are imperative. But, Aaqil has made it more about building relationships and communication. Showing members of the company, “We’re gonna partner with you. You’re still gonna buy, but we’re gonna get this done the right way.”

That also means making the process easy and repeatable across the business. In fact, Aaqil considers one of the biggest game-changers the Procurement Center he built alongside IT.

“You can look at templates and guides, and you can also make all your requests through there.”

It’s made scaling the business easier and sustainable – something that will pay dividends in the future. Continue reading for Aaqil’s view into how all of this was accomplished and what’s next for the Procurement team at Hootsuite.

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