Supply Chain Matters podcast - Restoring enhanced control in material sourcing and supplier collaboration

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Digital transformation. Sourcing. Procurement.

Why are digital tools becoming more essential to these functions?

In this episode, Kevin Frechette, CEO of Fairmarkit, discusses the realities that the pandemic years have accelerated the needs for increased digital transformational needs across many industries, and especially within the area of materials sourcing and procurement moving forward. Kevin provides a perspective of how the role of procurement will be transforming itself in the coming months particularly in the area of misaligned priorities and new opportunities.

He also draws upon the changing relationships of senior procurement executives with the organization’s CFO and other C-Suite executives, particularly in the area of misaligned priorities or new opportunities. His perspective is that it will no longer be acceptable to inform a CFO or CEO that the organization does not have the right level of data or cannot measure a specific metric.

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