Why Value Chain visibility is crucial for companies to meet growing ESG regulations

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Many businesses lack the visibility to know and trust suppliers in their extended supply chain networks.

Tobias Larsson, Head of Supply Chain at Altana discusses how advances in supply chain visibility are so crucial to running a global supply chain.

Topics in this podcast
  • Tobias’ background as the founder of Resilience360 and his role at Altana
  • How Altana is building the “Google Maps” of Supply Chains
  • The current state of visibility across the extended supply and value chain
  • How 2020 and 2021 put supply chains on the radar of senior management
  • A look back at the history of how companies have tried to gain supply chain visibility over the years
  • How supply chain technology has evolved over time
  • Views that Tobias holds that are “contrarian” or non-mainstream
  • Supply chain risk and ways to assess it
  • The importance of value chain visibility
  • Recommended actions for supply chain leaders to get better supply chain visibility
  • Predictors of supply chain risk
  • What could be revolutionary in the field of supply chain visibility

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