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Adopting blockchain during a pandemic: Why it is the innovation we need during this time

IBM delves into how blockchain can help ease the complexities of supply chain management

Rachel Wolfson, also a blockchain podcast host, joins IBM to discuss how adopting the technology can help enterprises.

In their conversation today, she discusses why right now (during the pandemic) is as good of a time as any for enterprises to adopt blockchain and why it may be the best time to!

While we are all experiencing so much change around us due to the current pandemic, it is actually an ideal time to embrace just that much more; to seriously consider a more transparent business future, enabled by this podcast’s namesake technology.


What can I expect from this podcast?
  • Has COVID-19 expedited a digital future?
  • How has blockchain improved inefficiencies along the supply chain during the pandemic?
  • Is blockchain a solution for this current moment in time? Does Rachel predict that we will be seeing widespread adoption during this pandemic?
  • Rachel shares some use cases about how blockchain, combined with other technologies, can help improve the tourism and travel industry.
  • She speaks about where the current excitement is around with regard to building a more trust-based future.
  • Discussing the future of blockchain and why Rachel believes it will continue to advance.

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