TealBook: Transforming Procurement with Autonomous Commerce

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Stephany Lapierre welcomes Jim Bureau, CEO of JAGGAER, to the show to discuss JAGGAER’s partnership with TealBook.

They explore Autonomous Commerce, how COVID shaped the buyer and supplier relationship, and how they are designing responses to customer’s demands for time to value in applications. 

Jim Bureau came to JAGGAER most recently from the CRM space, and he shares with Stephany how the impact he saw made in customer service in the CRM space is what he’s now applying to the spend management space. Jim explains how he is working to shift spend management to Autonomous Commerce, which he defines as the ability to bring buyers, suppliers, and partners together in a self-governing multi-tenant SaaS platform. He stresses the customer’s need for time to value in usage.

Stephany and Jim reveal how the demands in their respective worlds – from procurement issues to collecting data to scalability – led them to their respective innovations and current partnership. Information, records, requirements, and automation are all necessary in enabling faster onboarding, better supplier experience, and reducing redundancy. This episode sheds light on truly exciting developments between Tealbook and JAGGAER.

In this episode, learn more about:

  • How covid accelerated the buyer and supplier relationship within the procurement ecosystem
  • Exploring the concept of Autonomous Commerce, applying lessons learned from CRM to the buy-side of business 
  • Why time to value is the most impactful KPI for procurement organizations

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