Where is AI already working?

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Artificial Intelligence is already here.

And it’s in more places than we realise.

It’s being used in products and services you already use, and is working behind the scenes in medicine, transportation, robotics, science, education, the military, surveillance, finance , agriculture, entertainment, retail, customer service, and manufacturing. How is AI being used in these sectors, and for what purpose? And with the release of chatbots that can emulate human writing, we’re now seeing websites that say they’re “powered by Chat GPT”.

What does that mean?

Technology has already completely altered our lives, and Artificial Intelligence may transform our world to an even greater degree. This series is your chance to get back to basics and really understand key technology terms. What’s an algorithm? where is “the Cloud” and what exactly is Blockchain? What’s the difference between machine and deep learning in artificial intelligence, and is it just our jobs under threat, or is it much worse than that? And before we get to the destruction of humanity, should we all be using Bitcoin?

Learn in the very simplest terms everything you need to know about the tech that underpins your day. Explore the rich history of how all these systems developed, and where they may be going next.

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