Measurabl - Why you must be consistent deal to deal to build the best brand

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“What matters is establishing the vision and the narrative”

Measurabl’s Founder and CEO, Matt Ellis, discusses his journey, along with creating a future vision, narrative and consistent approach to be successful.

Matt Ellis discusses what led to the creation of Measurabl, sustainability in real estate, the importance of being dynamic and what the maturity of a market means for your product.

You have a high reward as a business when you are one of the first to launch a product because it’s not established or defined, it’s also high risk. But if you get it right, you can gain a very large amount of the market.

The maturity of a market impacts every decision you make. Having data to support you in making these decisions, particularly in an early market, is crucial.

Matt attributes the growth of Measurabl to instilling the narrative and product vision into every single employee in the team, regardless of their job role. Measurabl ensures that everyone understands the growth strategies and product vision so they remain consistent as a brand.

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