World of Procurement - Practical Steps to Data Management

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Susan Walsh is the fixer of dirty data, an expert in spend data classification, taxonomies, and data accuracy. 

In addition to all of this, Susan improves your Procurement Data to create savings both financially and in time. Susan is the Founder of The Classification Guru, an Organisation that takes the pain out of data issues to make your life easier.

In this episode they cover:

  • How COVID has affected Corporate Culture

  • Changes in behaviours with Managers and Staff

  • Why Meeting Culture needs to shift

  • Saying No, more

  • Our Views on Thinkers 360 as a Platform and how Susan is being recognised an Industry Leader

  • The COAT Acronym Origin Story

  • Don’t google Dirty Susan

  • How to use COAT for your Data

  • The Story of 840 spreadsheets that needed to be merged

  • Practical Steps to get basic Data Management in place with Excel in Procurement

  • Excel horror stories for Data Management


Listen to the full podcast here.

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