The catalyst for smarter, stronger digital procurement partnerships.

The ProcureTech ACCELERATOR is a fast-track programme for innovative, digital procurement solutions to connect, collaborate and co-create with the world’s leading corporates. Solving enterprise digital challenges using collective intelligence and experience to propel the next generation of digital procurement solutions.

Why join the ProcureTech ACCELERATOR?

Digital corporate collaboration and innovation is at our core.

100% focused on digital procurement

Rapid and very real commitment between corporate mentors and digital solutions

Dedicated to forging
long-term, impactful partnerships

Smarter, data-driven matching of corporates and digital solutions

Unique co-creation, and pilot to partnership approach

Deep collaboration with the procuretech global ecosystem and network

What challenges are we looking to solve?

We are looking for game-changing scale-ups and enterprise solutions to solve meaningful enterprise challenges and deliver impact across 5 strategic themes.

How do we understand, accelerate and digitalise people, planet and prosperity improvements through procurement and suppliers?

How might we better organise and leverage data to drive intelligent decision making and actions, and smart ways of working in procurement and the supply chain?

How do we adopt advanced, transformative technologies at speed and scale?

How do ecosystems, networks and partnerships amplify the network affect to magnify the impact?

How and where do deep category or capability specific solutions deliver value?

What to expect from the ProcureTech ACCELERATOR?

This is where we co-create… this is where partnerships happen.

How will it work?

We select creative, ambitious digital solutions that match our corporate challenges and deliver a unique opportunity for these solutions to work with potential corporate customers to confirm fit, gain insights into their business needs and co-create solutions.


Collaboration, deep engagement and mentorship build strong relationships, culminating in demo days before partners launch their first project together.

What should solution providers expect?

What should corporates expect?

Who should apply?

Digital solutions and corporates looking to go further, faster together.

Digital solution providers

Commitment required

Corporate partners

Commitment required

Who’s involved
in making it happen?

A network of individuals and organisations to power the ACCELERATOR!

Procuretech Ecosystem

The procuretech ecosystem is one of the most dynamic, progressive and innovative elements of the enterprise. Thousands of pioneering procurement technology, data and analytics companies bring the ecosystem to life, supercharging leading procurement teams across the globe.

Our network of digital procurement CEOs, leaders, investors and experts will be engaged in the ACCELERATOR and beyond.

Digital Procurement Leaders

Digital procurement leaders shape the current and future ACCELERATORs.

Gain access to and build transformative partnerships with leading procurement teams from around the globe.

Co:cubed work with FTSE100 & Fortune 100 companies to understand their innovation opportunities and challenges, then dig into their global network of 12m+ startups to forge partnerships which deliver business model transformation, new revenues, and cost savings.

ProcureTech are on a mission to accelerate and amplify the digital future of procurement.

Solving the most pressing social, environmental and economic challenges requires new thinking and a new platform for procurement leaders, entrepreneurs and the #procuretech ecosystem.

The ACCELERATOR brings together digital innovators to shape the future of procurement… at speed

Lance Younger,

There has never been a more important time for procurement leaders to connect with high growth digital solutions, this is where they connect with impact.

Jeremy Basset,