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Digital Procurement
Operating Model

Design and creation of digital procurement strategy, organisation, roles, relationships, capabilities and performance management to digitally transform procurement and its ecosystem

The future operating model will transcend procurement as we have known it. No longer will we debate centralized versus decentralized. Success will be measured by the ability to be nimble, operate efficiently, and expand its influence over the business and the supply base. And these abilities will need to be executed by procurement functions that are smaller and tasked with varied strategic objectives. In other words, the era of the transactional purchasing gatekeeper is over; those activities will be automated. Tomorrow will be about having a high-performing team with specialized skills working together to tackle the strategic needs of the enterprise—needs that will become even more crucial as the global economy continues to be shaken by political upheaval and changing demographics.

Digital Procurement
Solution Selection

Structured assessment and selection of digital procurement solutions based on business priorities

The identification of potential solutions involves matching today’s procurement technologies with the pain points and business opportunities identified in the Assessment. This requires having a baseline understanding of the scores—really hundreds of digital procurement solutions that are available. It’s important to triage the universe of solutions to those that have sufficient maturity and provide a business and technology fit with your organization. Successful procurement organizations will curate a set of prospective technology providers and have a series of meetings to identify the specific use cases. Conducting these meetings within a few days allows for the further triage and identification of potential solutions to take forward. This triage is characterized by an assessment of solution maturity and fit with identified business needs and opportunities. The conclusion of this work is typically excitement and enthusiasm for the potential solutions to the identified pain points and opportunities. These are the building blocks for a future state that will enable the procurement organization to be a better business partner and to drive more value. It’s important to involve the important stakeholders in the organization with this process as they will better understand the possibilities and will become proponents of building the new capabilities.

ProcureTech Accelerate

Pilot to partner with point digital solutions through incubator, accelerator and venture approaches

Procurement’s approach to transformation has shifted to become more agile, ROI and customer focused. A variety of models can be used to accelerate the adoption of digital procurement innovation, including accelerators, incubators, hackathons, open innovation, joint ventures, partnerships and co-development. The aim of these innovation models is to allow procurement and the business to pilot, learn quick, scale fast, and deliver the right solution in the shortest amount of time.

One approach, our ‘Scale’ programme delivered with Co:Cubed, focuses on finding synergies between emerging and established companies. We fine tune each pilot to partner program to enable corporate and startup collaboration, allowing our clients to find new value lines, provide solutions for their customers, gain insights, improve internal processes, and leapfrog competition by innovating faster.

Digital Procurement
Assessment & Roadmap

Assessment of company digital procurement capability and creation of transformation roadmap

The purpose of this is to build a realistic baseline assessment of the current procurement technology and identify potential opportunities to effect value. Determining an organization’s procurement technology maturity is a relatively straightforward exercise. First, we want to know whether there’s a strategy for procurement technology, data, and analytics. Sometimes these enterprises have recently gone through (or are currently going through) a digital transformation, which is good, but all too often they’re surface level when they get to procurement. Next, we need to figure out how much we’re spending on procurement technology. Often this exercise will ferret out unnecessary complexity and expenditures. It will also identify areas where service providers are being used (where market tools should be employed). Then we understand how the system is used, identify pain points, process inefficiencies, and evaluate general user experience (UX). Additionally, we need to ask our users what they think. This is almost always a painful exercise because most procurement groups are set up to slow users down rather than enable them so there’s a natural bias toward negative feedback. Finally, what organizational capabilities are we lacking, either in procurement or in the organization more broadly? The result of this work should be clarity on the pain points, key stakeholders have provided input and felt heard, and alignment on potential opportunities to address.

The future state aspiration should be guided by stakeholder preferences, current best practices, and required capabilities. There is a minimal core set of capabilities that needs to be achieved for any procurement organization. Beyond that there is a broad set of opportunities to pursue. It’s important to choose the right opportunities and to pursue them effectively. This requires having a future state aspiration that describes the opportunities, the potential solutions, and the value to be achieved.  Those that seek to build an advantaged procurement organization with digital technology will need to first build broad alignment to a digital transformation strategy. Next, is to build a realistic baseline assessment of the current procurement technology and identify potential opportunities to effect value.

Digital Procurement
Solution Implementation

Implementation of digital procurement software and data solutions. From detailed systems design and integration to training and adoption

Successful solution implementation should now be the norm, based on experience and expertise in deploying best-in-class approaches from process mapping and release management to supplier enablement and integration.

Core capabilities are packaged, change management approaches digitalised, integrations standardised and light weight plug-ins and add-ons enabled to amplify digital procurement solutions. Structured roadmaps are implemented to create the personalised digital procurement ecosystem with solution enhancements incorporated when required.

Digital Procurement
Solution Build

Bespoke digital procurement solution design and build

From microservices, apps and bespoke analytics to targeted RPA application and blockchain alliances, procurement are creating unique digital procurement solutions. Procurement leaders, their business partners, suppliers and digital solution providers are building both pathfinding solutions as well as solutions with rapid ROI for specific use cases. Often co-designed and developed these solution forge new digital procurement ground and help spawn the next generation of solutions.

The ProcureTech team have cross industry digital procurement experience working with high growth and leading international companies

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