Aera Technology

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Aera is the cognitive technology for the self-driving enterprise.

What is Aera Technology?

Aera Technology delivers the Cognitive Operating System™ that enables the Self-Driving Enterprise™. Aera understands how businesses work; makes real-time recommendations; predicts outcomes; and acts autonomously. Using proprietary data crawling, industry models, machine learning and artificial intelligence, Aera is revolutionizing how people relate to data and how organizations function. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Aera services some of the world’s largest enterprises from its global offices located in San Francisco, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Paris, Munich, London, Pune, and Sydney.

Company details
Name Aera Technology
Founded 1981
CEO Frederic Laluyaux
Employees 0
Company culture 3.6
HQ location United States Of America
Other locations United Kingdom, Singapore
Award and certifications
Revenue 2020 ($m) 38
Total funding ($m) -
Cyber security rating 72
Certificates ISO-9000

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