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apadua is a professional services firm.

What is Apadua?

APADUA makes purchasing Professional Services as easy as online shopping. To achieve this, we provide a software suite that incorporates data gathering and analysis algorithms for market analysis, a lean process tailored to suite requirements of Professional Service procurement and a unique concept for the measurement of project quality and performance. APADUA offers a Smart Professional Services Procurement Platform Three apps assist our clients in hiring the right Professional Service Providers >>> EXPLORE Instant Vendor discovery | EXPLORE our database of more than 2,000 firms to discover the right service providers and organize them in one place. >>> SOURCE Seamless project RFP | SOURCE professional services in a competitive process and select the best vendor based on semi-automated proposal evaluations. >>> MONITOR Collaborative quality assurance | MONITOR project and vendor performance by continuously evaluating stakeholder feedback, assuring quality on all your projects, and start getting quality data for your next rate-card negotiation. Founding APADUA was motivated by the aspiration to have a lasting impact on the market for Professional Services. Clients should no longer spend good money for bad service. We are convinced that by enabling organizations with technology to professionally manage all their service providers from demand management, over service provider selection to performance monitoring we can increase the overall service quality sustainably and thus increase customer satisfaction and overall value. Furthermore, will we transform the engagement process from an unstructured network-based approach towards a fully digitized, transparent and compliant one that leads to higher value creation for some of the most important business relations in a global industry. The use of APADUA will also help mitigate fraud and other compliance risks as we have seen them over the last months in the media.

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