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ArcESB (formerly known as RSSBus) is a company providing data access and connectivity solutions.

What is ArcESB?

ArcESB provides high-performance, reliable, and fully-extensible products that simplify the process of producing, consuming, and integrating data. Our flagship product, ArcESB is a leading platform for managed file transfer (MFT) and EDI communications. ArcESB supports integration through a wide array of B2B messaging protocols including AS2, AS4, OFTP, SFTP, EDIFACT, X12, XML, and more. The product is built on top of a flexible scripting engine which allows you to communicate with many different systems through a variety of protocols and message formats. From Mom & Pop stores, to Fortune 500 companies - businesses of all sizes depend on ArcESB for secure managed file transfer, EDI mapping & translation, and B2B automation.

Company details
Name arcesb
Founded 2011
CEO Gent Hito
Employees 0
Company culture -
HQ location United States Of America
Locations United States
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Revenue 2020 ($m) -
Total funding ($m) -
Cyber security rating 90
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