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Azimuth1 is a provider of technology products for public safety, environmental, and energy services.

What is Azimuth1?

Azimuth1 is a small but fast moving team of data analytics and computer science experts on a mission to bring specialty data analysis applications to environmental, energy, and public safety challenges. Our products are used by Fortune 500 companies to address environmental hazards, and by local law enforcement to find missing persons. We help the US Department of Energy understand the complexity of our Nation's energy infrastructure so it can be managed more efficiently, and we do these things because we think we can make a big impact and we mean to do it. The tools of our trade are typically statistical learning methods, geospatial data modeling and GIS, and interactive data visualization on the web using primarily open source libraries and very often open source data. Our philosophy on our products leans more toward customization than generic tools because we've observed that each industry has its own terminology, practices, assumptions, and way of approaching a problem. In order to solve a problem it helps to engage fully with those that are knee deep in it, so we jump in with them and try to build a solution that fits that industry rather than build a solution that we can sell to everyone. While it may be true that much of the math and operations under the hood of any data solution is mostly the same, your industry deserves its own tailored fit, don't you think. We sacrifice a lot of profit I suppose, but ultimately the product is far better and the adoption rate has been far more solid with the industry tailored approach. The problems we aimed to solve get solved quicker too. We hope you'll get in touch with us if you're interested in partnering on your next project or if you'd just like to hash out some interesting ideas. If you're interested in a career with Azimuth1, drop us a note at and let us know. We'll be in touch with a list of really hard problems we're working to solve.

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