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Catalog Bar is a mobile and web catalog app.

What is Catalog Bar?

Catalog Bar has changed the way companies prepare, plan and execute the marketing and sales strategy across the geographies. It empowers the manufacturers, carrying & forwarding agents, wholesalers, distributors, retailers to choose and optimize the growth plan. All the actively traded products can be readily stacked to last throughout the year. Catalog Bar has also made the printed catalogues an obsolete concept and brought in real-time tracking of fast moving SKU’s in different categories, simultaneously. It also fills the communication gap that might creep in due to human intervention during order fulfilment. The sales team can now exercise a better command over the demand-supply chain and ascertain higher productivity. Offline usage of the application enhances the utility for the travel-bound sales team. Tracking of the sales figures will become a dynamic feature in organizations eliminating excess pressure for last minute sales. Catalog Bar can also strengthen the sales and marketing functions with customizable dynamic forms for recording the customer feedback, pre-launch product research and post- launch product acceptability. The team behind the development of Catalog Bar has spent years in collecting information from the market to ensure widest utility in the businesses spread across the globe. To catch up with our latest insights about market, explore our blog:

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