TAM4-Materials&Services Master Data Governance

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AI based solutions supporting Procurement and Supply Chain digital transformation.

What is TAM4-Materials&Services Master Data Governance?

Creactives provides AI solutions combined with Knowledge Engineering for Procurement and Supply Chain digitization. Fifteen out of the Top 100 European companies, among other Clients, have implemented in their ERP/SRM platforms our Virtual Assistants to prevent errors in purchasing processes and our solutions for Spend Analytics and Material Master Data Management. Our solutions are able to understand Requisitioner’s natural language in more than 25 languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Our unique combination of Machine Learning (to learn from historical data), semantic rules (to encode business knowledge not inferable from the data), crowd learning (to learn from the interactions with end-users) keep the system precise and robust, automatically. Our distinctive factors are: Multilanguage: we exploit item descriptions of Purchase Orders (PO) and Material Master Data (MMD), in more than 25 languages (we don’t need to translate upfront in English). Flexible Taxonomy: we can manage different taxonomies at the same time without mapping between categories. The Taxonomy options are: 1. Customer Corporate Taxonomy: we can categorize Clients’ PO and MMD in their custom taxonomy (to implement a new Corporate Taxonomy or improve the quality of the current categorization). 2. International Standards: we can also classify with International Standard as eCl@ss, UNSPSC or other standards for specific industries. 3. Custom Taxonomy: we can build a new custom taxonomy base on Creactives'​ taxonomy (with more than 20.000 MRO oriented categories) enriched with specific categories to manage the customer’s sector-, domain-, organizational-specific materials or services. NON-Invasive Solution and Easy to adopt: Virtual Assistants can be fully integrated within ERP’s transactions . The adoption rate is extremely high because the user doesn’t need any training, not changing in in any shape or form the normal operation methods.

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Name Creactives SpA
Founded 2000
CEO Paolo Gamberoni
Employees 60
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Other locations Belgium , Brazil , Chile , China , France , Germany , Italy , Mexico , Netherlands , Portugal , Spain , Sweden , United Kingdom , United States
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TAM4-Materials&Services Master Data Governance Capabilities

  • Product lifecycle management

  • Category strategy & planning

  • Warehouse Management Systems

  • Analytics
  • Enrichments
  • Master Data Management
  • Spend
  • Supply Chain Insights
  • Visualisation

  • Robotic Process Automation
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